We are looking forward to your inquiry!
We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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Our roller shade films reduce the energy transmittance of windows and façades and achieve significant savings in cooling energy and air-conditioning costs.

When specifying suitable films and selecting materials, we can draw on many years of experience in procurement as well as in the technological processes of film coating, colouring and lamination. To achieve the highest product quality, our films combine various technologies, such as low-stress embossing and pleating, as well as gluing and welding.

This is how we create products with:

  • high stability
  • elegant appearance
  • long service life

In the colder seasons and in colder climates, RETROLUX films improve thermal insulation at the window. This reduces heat loss, which leads to a reduction in heating costs. Our films are also characterised by lowest UV transmission and a very high colour rendering index. This means that the colour of the incident natural daylight is hardly changed and a healthy working and room climate is created. RETROLUX films are available in a wide variety. They vary in terms of different light transmittances, degrees of reflection and colours. Opaque and completely darkening films are also in our range. And last but not least - as glazing systems become more and more complex and interior solar shading systems absorb part of the sun's energy, thermal glass breakage is a significant risk when using normal shades. RETROLUX films, on the other hand, have the highest reflection values and very low absorption. They can therefore be used on the inside of most modern glazing without any problems.